Building Healthy Soils



Barr-Tech CompostBarr-Tech offers top quality compost for all your soil building needs. Our products are regularly tested through the U.S. Composting Council’s, Seal of Testing Assurance (STA) program to assure the quality for our consumers. We are proud to offer compost products that consistently meet or exceed industry and regulatory standards. Our compost is screened to a uniform size for your specific needs. Our products include, BT Soil Builder for landscape and gardening, BT Turf Builder for turf management and BT Ag Builder for area agriculture.
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Compost Analysis

Barr-Tech’s current compost analysis includes a list of product ingredients, analytical results and directions for use.

C17-589 BT Plus CTDS

C17-590 BT Green CTDS

Barr-Tech’s nutrient-rich compost is a smart and effective way to ensure the health and stability of your lawn or garden. It can be used for many of your outdoor projects, including landscaping, gardening, turf management, erosion control and to support agricultural crop growth. Compost supplies the valuable nutrients and organic matter needed for healthy growth, improves the soil structure to support root growth and water retention and stabilizes soil pH.

Use as a Soil Conditioner

In general, applying nutrient-rich compost is extremely easy. To apply our soil conditioner, mix compost into the top 6-8 inches of topsoil and uniformly spread a 1-2 inch layer on top. Then, plant vegetation and irrigate thoroughly. With the proper support, your garden, backyard or farmland will thrive.

BT-Soil Builder

BT Soil Builder

Whether you want to improve the health of your favorite hydrangeas or see your tomato plants flourish, BT Soil Builder is the perfect way to give your home garden the support it needs. Mixed with existing topsoil, this soil amendment will provide the nourishment and organic matter to support growth. BT Soil Builder helps to balance pH and improves soil water retention for healthy root development.

BT-Turf Builder

BT-Turf Builder

Our finely screened BT Turf Builder is the ideal mixture for dressing new lawns, golf fairways or athletic fields. The mixture is specially filtered to ensure the right gradient for tender new grass. The finely ground mixture helps to nourish new sod and ensure health and stability for years to come.

BT-Ag Builder

BT-Ag Builder

agriculture, fertilizer, crop growth, soil ammendmentAgriculture is an essential component of the Inland Northwest’s economy and here at Barr-Tech, we want to see our farmers thrive. Increase your yields and build your soil by providing your crop with a healthy foundation. Barr-Tech’s BT Ag Builder will provide your crop the nutrients it needs and support plant health through the entire growth cycle. Applying this soil amendment will help to build your soil, nourish your crop and prevent erosion. With 50% + dry organic matter, it is the perfect way to give your crop the healthy environment throughout the growing season.