Building Healthy Soils



Compost and Recycling ServicesBarr-Tech manages and recycles organic waste matter from a variety of sources in Eastern Washington and North Idaho. Eligible waste matter includes all forms of yard waste, food waste and municipal waste. Improperly disposed of, these waste items create greenhouse gases and other contaminants that are harmful to the environment.


Yard Debris

Yard Debris Recycling

clean green, yard trimmings, grass cuttings, recycleEver wonder what happens to those fresh yard clippings after you set them on your curb? Every leaf, every blade of grass needs to be transported and properly disposed of and too often, it ends up in a landfill. Fortunately, Barr-Tech is able to work with local municipalities and waste management entities to free up space at our community landfills and utilize yard waste to create compost that also enriches area soils.

Food Recycling

Food Waste Recycling

Food waste and recyclablesHere in Eastern Washington, we are fortunate to have access to grocery stores that offer fresh produce on a daily basis. On any given day, you can drive to your local grocery outlet and pick up fresh Roma tomatoes or Gala apples that are firm and crisp. However, the unfortunate reality is that not all produce is bought and consumed, and some inevitably goes to waste. However, this waste can still be recycled for the good of the environment. Barr-Tech works with local food providers to salvage produce waste and produce nutrient-rich soil that supports healthy Washington farmlands.

Municipal Recycling

Municipal Waste Recycling

biowaste, municiaplities, waste recyclingNobody likes to think about it, but the waste produced by the citizens of our local communities is a reality. However unpleasant, it has to be transported, stored and disposed of in an environmentally responsible way. However, even municipal waste can be salvaged and recycled to produce compost and by-products that can be harnessed to enrich the environment. Our system controls the heat from the composting process to 140-160 degrees, killing bacteria, weeds and other seeds. The finished product is natural organic matter suitable for multiple soil uses. Barr-Tech has partnered with many local municipalities like Lincoln County, the cities of Sprague and Davenport, and the towns of Odessa and Reardan to recycle and responsibly dispose of municipal waste.


Other Services/Our Partners

Barr-Tech is closely partnered with Northwest Industrial Services to ensure your waste management, waste transfer and temporary construction needs are met. The company offers a range of services through the following divisions:

American On-Site Services:

porta-potty, honey, bucket, portable toilets, handwashing stationsPorta potties, portable toilets, honey, bucketsAlthough it’s most recognized for its portable toilette units, American On-site Services also provides a number of temporary solutions for construction sites, events and governmental agencies. On-site provides portable office trailers, locked storage containers, temporary fencing and construction site cleanup. On-site’s temporary services are designed to meet all local, state and federal safety and health codes, as well as OSHA standards. Visit American On-Site online.

Northwest Industrial Services:

Northwest Transfer ServicesNorthwest Industrial ServicesNorthwest Industrial Services is an industrial waste management and recycling company that provides transportation, disposal and recycling of ferrous/non-ferrous metals, paper fiber, and construction waste. In addition, they also specialize in the demolition and salvage of industrial sites. Northwest is permitted as a common carrier with the Washington State Utilities and Transportation Commission (WTUC) and the Department of Transportation (DOT).

Transfer Station Services:

This division provides services to garbage collection transfer stations, including staffing of scales, providing equipment and loading of trailers, and hauling waste to landfills.

Ironhorse Railroad Services:

Ironhorse Rail ServicesThis division serves the railroad industry and industrial site affiliated with railroad activity. It provides the construction and removal of tracks, demolition and excavation work, including track site preparation and sub grades. Ironhorse also sells and services new and used railroad equipment, track material and railroad tie. All work is performed according to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) guidelines.